blue & green

 The best of both worlds.  I just love these two amazing colors and they’re even better together.


Cheap skate

You know you’re in deep when you think that $20, $30, or even $50 is a bad deal for fixer up treasures.  I have a cheap skate mindset that isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it’s funny.  I few months ago I would have no problem shelling out $50 for a dresser now, ha you’re lucky if you see me spend $20.  If I do I’ll be really hesitant to purchase.  I guess it comes with the territory of scouting out deals and only buying what you see true potential in.  The piece below is hands down my favorite yet besides my half hoosier cabinet and gossip bench.

I asked for a price and was told ….. wait for it …… $5.  Five Dollars!!  Ok this piece is gorgeous and sure it has flaws like the crack in the door but $5?  Come on.  Well I felt a bit guilty and since the lady selling it was so cute I told her I wouldn’t feel right unless I doubled her money and gave her $10.  For $10 I walked away with a gorgeous solid wood antique.  Travis came up with the idea of white on wood which I have to say I wasn’t head over heels for but the finished product is stunning.  His creative eye for design has me impressed!  And check out these amazing handles!

Now while I’ll still keep an eye out for things I truly love I just can’t seem to think that I’ll find anything much more amazing than a find like this!

Going Green

Check out this cute little dresser.  I sniffed this out at an overpriced estate sale about a month ago.  Suprisingly enough it was the very last thing in the walk through of the home and garage and had an amazing price tag of a mear $5. 

It was just a plain black before and and I decided this grand green was perfect for it.  I also picked up these great knobs for 50 cents a pop at the RE-Store.  They are a regular $3 at Home Depot!

The best part and my personal favorite …. skeleton locks.

Get Your Roll On

I’m still recovering which I’m pretty much at 100 percent now, thank you Lord, I’ve been working on my to-do’s with the hubs from my post in early June which you can read about here  I’ll be sharing some of the things we’ve been doing over the last month like moving our rooms around in the house and some steals and deals I’ve found along the way but this particular post is about paint or rather the tools.

Let’s go back in time to last May when I first started on this blog venture and started dabbling in the world of furniture renewal and restoration.  I started out with the furniture deal as a trial and error type thing.  Would I love it?  Hate it?  Be bad at it?  Well as it turns out and I’m sure you can see I’ve quite enjoyed this journey so far and it’s sparked a lot of creativity back into my life that I thought was gone.  Re-doing furniture has re-ignited my artistic flame so to speak and has giving me something to work on, learn from, enjoy, and create new things, and give life to old things.  It’s given me a sense of …..worth?  I don’t know that that’s really the word I’m looking for but it makes me feel like I’ve finally found that “something” that I’ve searched so long for.  Something that I’m truly good at and something that I’m proud of.  Mind you I’m no pro at this but the experience itself has been fun and it is fun and sure I’ve had my moments where I’ve had furniture malfunctions or mental blocks but the outcome has been pretty great.  I still give myself a hard time and really want to have that “wow factor” that’s added to each piece I work on but I feel like it will happen in due time.   I’ve learned a lot along the way with different tools, stains, paints, and the list goes on.  I’ve been able to get a feel for what I like to work with and things I don’t like to work with.  This leads me to paint tools. 

I started out using a brush.

I enjoy the brush.  It gives furniture a different texture and adds depth to it.  I’ve used a brush on most of my projects so far and I’ve been very pleased and proud of the results.  Yes I admit I’ve taken the short cut and cheated by using spray paint on some of my projects but it’s just not the same.  I guess really for me spray paint seems ok but I just feel like it’s half assed to an extent.  Does it get the job done?  Yes.  Is it as durable as paint? Kind of. It really depends on the type of spray paint you use.  Do I feel like I’ve done something impressive?  No.  I feel like it’s the easy option for some projects but it’s something I choose to use sparingly because even though paint does take longer, it’s much more rewarding in the end.

This takes me to my most recent test run of the infamous roller.  I really thought going into it that it might be a good option to change things up.  I had high hopes for the roller.  Ok sure it’s another ‘easy’ route but I figured hey it’s worth a shot to see what happens.  I have to say that I wasn’t impressed.  Rolling a wall = good.  Rolling furniture = odd?  It just didn’t give me that omph I was looking for.  I guess that’s to be expected since you know, it’s a roller.  So the conclusion I’ve come to with the roller is to use sparingly?  I’m thinking mainly for priming and only for streamlined clean-cut projects and not so much for those with more intricate details and nooks.

With my lovely assortment ….

I can happily say that the brush is here to stay.  Will I use spray paint and the roller again?  Sure but like I said sparingly.  I suppose it’s all in the time that you have to take and your personal preferences too.  Maybe you need a quicker route with a spray paint.  Or maybe you like the clean look of sprays.  Maybe you love the feel of a roller.  Whatever you chose is all up to you so I recommend giving each of them a whirl.

Getting Back To Normal

It’s been a rough few weeks around here. Weddings, my birthday, and a car accident. Yup. I spent my birthday in the hospital. I am so blessed that I’m here and that I walked away from what could have been a fatal accident. So now that I’m recovering with a few bumps and bruises I’m trying to get back in the grind of my daily life with my family, friends, work, projects, and blog. I was doing so good too!

Keep an eye I for some new posts later this weekend. I’m just finishing a cute dresser I snagged for a steal, getting the hubster’s garage back to normal, and relocating our bedroom and office.

Lots to do….. I’m just thankful to be doing it!

Have a great weekend all!

Nice Day For A White Wedding…?

For two of my friends that are getting married this weekend I hope that’s the case!  I’m so excited for them to start the next phase of their lives ……… but…….

just a teeny tiny bit sad about not being able to get to my projects this weekend.  I actually just finished having my mind officially blown.  Basically, it’s the reason I’m sad I can’t get my work done this weekend.  I’m ready to hand the garage back over to the hubster because he’s been wonderful about not complaining about the growing pile from the end of last summer that’s collected more than enough spider webs and dust.  So really…..the goals are to post pone til next weekend. 

1)For goodness sake actually FINISH the projects and get them out and sold

2) Move our bedroom – yep … it’s going to be a hotttttt summer and we live in a cape so it’s time to move downstairs where we can sleep peacefully and sweat free.

3)Unleash some of my new found inspiration on some trial and error type deals. You’ll see.

I hope you have a great weekend and I’ll be back next week, 1 year older and maybe a gray hair or two.


Memorial Day Hangover

Ok so we didn’t actually have a hangover in the literal sense but after having a weekend to relax it’s hard to get back to the grind.  Having 3 and a half days off from work is almost overload for people like us that work so hard during the week.  We actually chose to lay low this weekend and get some stuff accomplished around the house. 

We started with coffee and ended up snagging a pretty sweet $5 deal on Saturday.  We happened to stop at a yard sale – which is pretty much my least favorite thing to do – and ended up with two folding chairs and a great wooden coat rack sort of like the ones below.

We scored the chairs for $2 a piece and the coat rack for a $1.  I’d say it was worth stopping. 

We also had a chance to work on the yard a bit and added our new chairs to the outdoors and some solar lights.  Travis wasn’t thrilled with the idea of solar lights but I’ve always wanted them.  It adds a soothing glow to the yard.  Once he saw them lit up at night he was pretty impressed and is actually considering adding more!

We’ve also been working on our own garden trellis for the past two weekends and we’re almost done with that too.  It’s going to look a little like the picture below but I’ll give you pictures once we’re finished.

I finally got to ‘test’ a new product that I’ve never used before.  To start, I bought a desk last weekend that I just loved and then decided to get rid of my Ikea desk.  I bought the desk for $40 which isn’t too shabby considering its great shape plus its solid wood.  I am getting ready to re-finish my aunt’s antique bedroom suite so I figured I’d give my new product a test run.

I have to say, I was pretty impressed at the results.  Minwax always seems to work like a charm.  A word of advice, use a mask if you plan on buying or using this stuff.  It’s pretty strong!  I am sure that my aunt’s dressers are going to turn out great but seeing this product in action was even better.  It does take a decent amount of elbow grease depending on what type of surface you’re working with.  Thicker varnish or poly will take a bit more effort than those with a thin top coat.

We capped off the weekend with a few Dos Equis and limes.

Then finally finished the weekend out with a quick getaway to Maryland.  I found some pretty exciting things in MD/VA line that I can’t wait to check out soon!  I hope ya’ll had a great one too!