Nice Day For A White Wedding…?

For two of my friends that are getting married this weekend I hope that’s the case!  I’m so excited for them to start the next phase of their lives ……… but…….

just a teeny tiny bit sad about not being able to get to my projects this weekend.  I actually just finished having my mind officially blown.  Basically, it’s the reason I’m sad I can’t get my work done this weekend.  I’m ready to hand the garage back over to the hubster because he’s been wonderful about not complaining about the growing pile from the end of last summer that’s collected more than enough spider webs and dust.  So really…..the goals are to post pone til next weekend. 

1)For goodness sake actually FINISH the projects and get them out and sold

2) Move our bedroom – yep … it’s going to be a hotttttt summer and we live in a cape so it’s time to move downstairs where we can sleep peacefully and sweat free.

3)Unleash some of my new found inspiration on some trial and error type deals. You’ll see.

I hope you have a great weekend and I’ll be back next week, 1 year older and maybe a gray hair or two.



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Living & loving life with my amazing family and friends. A passion for interior design & decorating. A collector of vintage gems. A do-er of antique furniture face-lifts. An obession with letterpress & typography. View all posts by Lindsey

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