To Blog Or Not To Blog-ger?

So I’m looking for some helpful insight to maybe help with my decision. I’ve seriously considered switching my blog over to blogger from WordPress but I just can seem to make the jump. I think it’s the pros and cons I’m having a hard time with.

While I like WordPress, Blogger seems to offer more options for customization as far as backgrounds and such. On the same token though, I like WP for the ‘website’ appeal. I also like the statistics that it shows for views and traffic. It’s pretty interesting to see where traffic is coming from.

So I guess really the big hang up for me is the ability to tamper with backgrounds and such. I’m still toying with the idea of switching but I still really like WP since it’s what I started out using and seems a bit more advanced and technical than Blogger.



So I’m A Year Late In Doing This

I know I know……I really am trying to keep up the pace so I guess here goes nothing! Remember wayyyyy back when, I had that neat old dresser to work on? Yea? No? Well, I never actually got around to posting pix so here is the before…..

And the adorable after….

Yup the very very first project. Now I suppose it’s off to the garage to tackle the rest!

Warm Weather Brings New Projects!

Finally! It looks like the weather is breaking! Hubs and I picked up the newest project yesterday and I’ve been working away on it! Hope to have it done by this weekend.

YAY! – I know it needs some love but it’s nothing I can’t handle! I have BIG plans for this!

Out With The Old In With The New And Improved Old

Happy New Year to all! I hope that everyone had safe and happy holidays! I know I haven’t posted anything in ages and really it’s was a hectic end to the year – not bad just very busy! I’ve been working on a slew of new projects and have done some pretty cool things if I do say so myself! I have a gorgeous throne chair that has just finished being stained so I’ll have an updated post on that here soon! I’m in the process of re-organizing life – trying to find a good schedule that fits the crazy life I live! I wouldn’t change it at all but I do need a bit more structure that’s for sure. So thanks for the patience and I can’t wait to share my newest projects soon!


Fall-ing In Love All Over Again!

I am stoked for fall.  I feel like it’s been a dive this year right into it.  The hot weather just disappeared and I am loving it!  Now, while I’m no fan of cold weather I will say I think snuggly clothes are super cute (i also tend to shop more!).  I’d have to say that secretly even though I’d never cheat on summer, fall has to be hands down my favorite time of year.  I know they say that spring is the whole new beginnings and blah blah blah but honestly I’ve always given that one to fall.  I guess it’s the whole back to school thing and the smell of the fresh cool air.  It just feels good.  It’s really the only time of year with a mass of things that I look forward to. 

First of all things there’s a ton of action packed football….yes!  There’s the truck load of holiday festivities …. Christmas in our house starts in oh the beginning of November.  I loooovve to decorate for Christmas and craft!  I can hardly stand waiting any longer to light up my Autumn Leaves Yankee Candle.  It’s starting to pain me a bit.  I can’t wait for the taste of a white chocolate peppermint mocha from Starbucks.  Yes you can order them year round but I enjoy the thought of the seasonal deliciousness.  I have to save in advance for that bill because it’s the only way to start my day from November through Christmas.  On the cheap I typically buy the Coffeemate Peppermint creamer in bulk because it’s almost as tasty and way cheaper….I look forward to that too!

It’s this time of year that I also fell in love with the man I’m now married to.  It brings back amazing memories that we will continue to add to.

As I’m getting older I’m enjoying the feel of fall and embracing the beauty of it and appreciating the short time it’s here.  I think that’s the best part of Virginia.  We get to experience all seasons and not just one year round.  Would I pack up tomorrow and move to a tropical paradise?  Yes of course I would but honestly I’d probably still come back here to live for fall.

I Got Benched

I’ve been looking just about everyday on the internet for one project piece that I have been wanting for quite sometime.  My hunt started about 6 months ago for an old piano bench and had no luck.  I have searched Craigslist on a daily basis several times a day for one and still no luck.  Just so happens that hubs and I ended up passing a yard sale this weekend and he asked if I wanted to stop.  Well we passed and and after getting some gas we decided to go back.  Let me set this straight….I DO NOT like yard sales.  I feel like you go to them to spend money on things you don’t need at all and to accumulate useless junk you may or may not touch.  Either way it worked out.  There wasn’t much at this yard sale and as I was glancing around at the clutter that was left I almost missed it….

Out of the corner of my eye I see it….it’s a piano bench…THE piano bench.  Why do I need a piano bench you ask, well to be honest I don’t know it’s just something I decided that I needed to have.  No, we do not have a piano.    Here’s a before shot of the bench.


In a matter of 15 minutes my bench was transformed.  Yup, in 15 minutes time my bench was painted, re-upholstered, put back together, and sitting in my house.  Here’s the run down:


I removed the seat and got to work on spray painting the metal, which by the way was easy.  The paint went on beautifully.  I sprayed it with some left over spray paint from my Gossip Bench …. Heirloom White. 


Then I took out the staple gun and got to work on the cushion.  This was a bit more testing of my patience.  For whatever reason my gun decided to continually jam but I got through it.


I used some dirt cheap fabric I snatched from U-fab in the remnants room.  So since I already had it we can take on $0 for that too (actually cost was a mear $2.99/yd) HA!  Since I’m new at the whole “re-upholestering” deal.  I followed the guidelines of basic clock work … 12,3,6,9.  Repeat.  Then I just staple like crazy and fold the corners in as neatly as possible. 

All done!  So in 15 minutes, I ended up being the proud owner of my new, newer, piano bench!


So I Like To Gossip….

Take a look at this old, crusty, stank, nasty, filthy excuse for a piece of furniture…..

goss bench (2)

Yea there it is in all of it’s I’ve seen better days glory.  I fell in love with it because it has potential.  Prior to this I had never heard of a gossip bench and stumbled upon this beaut from good ol’ Craigslist.  Hubs and I picked her up for a measly $25 bucks and off we went.  I’ve been looking for a bench to re-do for sometime and by re-do I mean re-upholster.  I figured that if I went ahead and bought fabric that it would eventually find me and here’s what I did …… drum roll


Isn’t she adorable!  So here’s the run down because I was not very good about taking pictures of this….. I sanded the bench down first and then spray painted it with Rust-o-Leum’s Heirloom White.  I don’t typically use spray paint because Travis and I tend to enjoy the look of brushed paint but this time I wanted to take a cleaner approach.  Then I completely re-built the seat.  I cut a new piece of plywood to fit the seat, cut new foam padding, and well I guess I can’t say re-upholstered because it’s a whole new seat so I upholstered the new seat and this it the end product.  I am in love!