Our Red Barn Wedding


Welcome! Welcome!

First off we’d like to thank you for stopping by to re-live our Red Barn Wedding!  Sit back, scroll down, eat a bbq (or pretend), and maybe grab a cold one from the fridge!

Months and months and months ago, we started working on “The Diamond Hill Farm Revitalization” for our June 20th wedding.  Every single weekend we worked tirelessly alongside my best friend and matron of honor to prepare, clean up, tear down, and re-build bits and pieces of a small portion of the magical 100 acre farm that she and her husband reside at.  Here’s a picture of the before.


It wasn’t easy and we certainly “paid” for the venue through our hands and really our hearts.  At certain points we didn’t think we’d ever make it.  At times we wanted to give up.  The work and frustration even lead my best friend and I to our first “tiff”.  In the end it’s a bittersweet feeling that we all have now.  After all of the hot days, the cold days, the early mornings, the long nights, the cuts and bruises, the tears and anguish,  the 12332454 trips to Home Depot dressed with fence stain, paint, dirt, and sweat, and even getting my pants stapled to my ass, yes they were stapled to my buttox … it’s all over.  Though we are a bit sad that it’s all over we know that the most incredible day of our lives will live on there forever and bits and pieces of our hearts are scattered throughout Diamond Hill Farm.  Most importantly we are blessed to have such wonderful and incredible friends family that helped us to build and share with us the greatest day ever! 

me and hlizz

The actual day of the wedding was a bit crazy of course, that’s to be expected I suppose.  I would be a bit unnatural if it wasn’t.  We woke up to stagnate and sticky summer heat.  By 10:30am it was around 87 degrees outside with a “real feel” of a whopping 103 degrees – thank you Accuweather.  My Blackberry refreshed that web page every 10 minutes or so hoping that by some crazy turn of chance that Mother Nature would deal us a wild card … a breeze….a cool front …anything!  Our wedding was at 5pm and it seemed like the weather wouldn’t break.  Who’s brilliant idea was it to have the wedding at 5pm at the end of June anyways?  It didn’t matter.  It was June 20th and the wedding was happening no matter how hot it was. 

 Travis was nervous for almost a good month before the wedding.  I honestly was ready because it was just surreal for me.  I didn’t feel like it was actually going to happen (it still hasn’t sunk in yet!).  By 3pm I was freaking out.  I had just got back home from getting my hair done and 5pm was barreling down fast.  I continuously drank water, I sat, I stood, sat some more for fear of passing out.  I had never and I mean NEVER felt like this before.  I had a deep ache in my chest that just got worse as the time slipped away.  All of my bridesmaids and I got dressed and prepped in the 100 year old farm house.


twizz and tweez




Finally, it was go time.  5 o’clock pm on June 20th, 2009 at Diamond Hill Farm pulled into the station.  My best friend looked at me and said “Lindsey! It’s 5!”  I know I won’t have a feeling like that again ever.  I couldn’t believe that it was happening.  I was about to marry him.  The guy that I never ever thought would be the one.  The guy that after just a few short months … I knew he was the one.   The guy that has seen me at some really low points and has been with me through thick and thin.  The one that no matter how mad or sad I am,  he can always make me smile.  The one that I still get excited driving home to every night.  The one that I always have something to talk about.  The one that makes me feel safe.  The man that knows just how lucky we are to have this love.


After each of our closest and dearest were seated on their hay bales, it was time.  My bridesmaids and his groomsmen coasted down the hay filled pathway to line up next to the old fencing and oversized round hay bales just at the top of the hill next to the red barn.  Arm and arm with the only boy in the world I would have give me away, my 13 year old brother, we slowly walked down towards my soon-to-be husband while a guitar was playing “Forever” by Ben Harper in the distance by my uncle.  I had to hold back my tears like I was fighting in war.  There he was. 

babe garter

The ceremony was a bit of a whirl wind.  It was absolutely the most beautiful blur I’ll ever remember.  It was fast.  Walking through the hay pews it was official.  We were married. 


We all hurried back to the farmhouse to try and grab a quick cool off before pictures and relish in all of the love and congratulations from our closest family and friends that shared the biggest part of the day.  The best candid shots captured moments I couldn’t believe happened.  Mainly of my rowdy and mischievous ring bearer!

twizz and buggs

twizz porch


twizz kiss

We ended up with just what I wanted and more.  Pictures are so priceless.  I wanted to make sure that every moment was captured perfectly.  Especially of our larger than life wedding party … we couldn’t help ourselves when it came to picking out the people most important!


We shared our first dance as husband and wife on the blue slate patio we’d pieced together months ago.  It was perfect.  As we listened to “Making Memories of Us” by Keith Urban, we tried not to get dizzy from the constant spinning and twirling we did on the dance floor!

first dance

Then, I shared a special dance with my little man Austin.  He twirled me around on the rustic blue slate as I talked him through his very first slow dance to “Whatever It Is” by the Zach Brown Band.  The truth is he is an impressive dancer for 13 and he knows it too!  We sang to each other the whole time and he told me “Thank you for letting me walk you down the aisle.” I responded “I wouldn’t want anyone else but you!”

buggs dance

Our guest devoured a BBQ buffet from Phat Boyz deliciously complimented with homemade mac n’ cheese, baked beans, and corn bread.  The cupcake wedding cake by Veronica Perez was demolished as everyone enjoyed the delicate morsels of heaven.  The toast by Travis’ best friend James was by far one of the most surprising parts of the evening.  He kept the crowd in laughs as he all but acted out his 3 page speech he typed personally!

james speech

With full bellys, our guest were treated to classic rock and country music by our band 1 4 U.  We danced the evening away under the hundreds of bright sparkling garden lights that were pulled together with our DIY centerpieces made of wine and liquor bottles glazed with orange and pink spray paint and adorned with huge gerbera daisies and the finishing touch of the hanging lantern mason jars.

flower bottles


Everyone enjoyed the unique touches placed on every piece and part of the day.  From the claw foot beer tub to the 3 bay draped in off white king sheet curtains.

beer tub

3 bay

Diamond Hill was transformed that day into an enchanted place.  A little island of heaven.  We even had some wedding crashers … 11 white ducks!  The old red barn shined its brightest that day.  It stood proud and tall with its leaning sides and peeling paint over the twinkling lights.

red barn

We had the best day ever.  I wouldn’t change a single thing about it …. except maybe the 5pm start :).  I haven’t been filled with that much joy in such a long time.  It felt right.  We were together.  We are together. 


We ending our night just in front of the wisteria trelis listening to the band’s last song to us.  The day might be over but it’s far from the end. 

Thanks for coming by to Our Red Barn Wedding!  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!  Here’s a closing video of the day. 

Cheers & Best To You!

-Lindsey & Travis



4 responses to “Our Red Barn Wedding

  • veron

    Hi LindZ! so excited to see how the barn will look!

  • Sara

    Just found your blog from thisyounghouse. I can’t wait to see how your barn wedding will turn out. I grew up on a farm and I love seeing pictures of barn weddings, so rustic and romantic.

    • lnzloo8

      Thanks Sara! I’m looking forward to it as well! It’s coming so fast too! We just got our engagement pictures back and some where taken up against the red barn and our favorites are of the hay bales! Check in soon – I’m going to be at the farm tomorrow and I’ll put up some more finished pictures and detail!

      xoxoxox Lindz

  • veron

    I am so glad that everyone enjoyed the cupcakes. Thanks for sharing these pictures, it indeed looked so magical and I love the way the video was made!

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