Memorial Day Hangover

Ok so we didn’t actually have a hangover in the literal sense but after having a weekend to relax it’s hard to get back to the grind.  Having 3 and a half days off from work is almost overload for people like us that work so hard during the week.  We actually chose to lay low this weekend and get some stuff accomplished around the house. 

We started with coffee and ended up snagging a pretty sweet $5 deal on Saturday.  We happened to stop at a yard sale – which is pretty much my least favorite thing to do – and ended up with two folding chairs and a great wooden coat rack sort of like the ones below.

We scored the chairs for $2 a piece and the coat rack for a $1.  I’d say it was worth stopping. 

We also had a chance to work on the yard a bit and added our new chairs to the outdoors and some solar lights.  Travis wasn’t thrilled with the idea of solar lights but I’ve always wanted them.  It adds a soothing glow to the yard.  Once he saw them lit up at night he was pretty impressed and is actually considering adding more!

We’ve also been working on our own garden trellis for the past two weekends and we’re almost done with that too.  It’s going to look a little like the picture below but I’ll give you pictures once we’re finished.

I finally got to ‘test’ a new product that I’ve never used before.  To start, I bought a desk last weekend that I just loved and then decided to get rid of my Ikea desk.  I bought the desk for $40 which isn’t too shabby considering its great shape plus its solid wood.  I am getting ready to re-finish my aunt’s antique bedroom suite so I figured I’d give my new product a test run.

I have to say, I was pretty impressed at the results.  Minwax always seems to work like a charm.  A word of advice, use a mask if you plan on buying or using this stuff.  It’s pretty strong!  I am sure that my aunt’s dressers are going to turn out great but seeing this product in action was even better.  It does take a decent amount of elbow grease depending on what type of surface you’re working with.  Thicker varnish or poly will take a bit more effort than those with a thin top coat.

We capped off the weekend with a few Dos Equis and limes.

Then finally finished the weekend out with a quick getaway to Maryland.  I found some pretty exciting things in MD/VA line that I can’t wait to check out soon!  I hope ya’ll had a great one too!


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