Dresser Re-Vamp

I am trying desperately to get the kinks out of this old computer so in the meantime of trying to find one here’s a project Travis and I worked on that was too simple!  I got my very first set of power tools too!!  Who says a girl can’t have fun too?!

The dresser itself belongs to my hubs and it’s been sitting, collecting dust in our scary junk room for the past 2 years since we moved in.  Sad.  I know.  It’s a project that is very slow to take off but that’s a whole other story! 

We decided…I decided to tackle this project because well, my beloved husband doesn’t understand the concept of having storage for clothes.  He’d be happy with a laundry basket.  That’s not exactly how I want him to live or both of us.  So we lugged it to the yard to sand (we couldn’t use the garage due to another project).  Too many projects!!  Here’s a nice before…


Since I had fun with the power sander on another project I figured I’d let Travis have a little fun!  Here he is sanding down the dresser pre-paint.


After he sanded the outer areas, I took each drawer and removed the handles so that each drawer was sanded.  After that, we took the air compressor and blew any excess debris off of the dresser and drawers and wiped off any remaining bits of dust before the paint.


We used our trusty Behr paint in an off white (sorry I don’t know the technical name!)  We purchased from the Oops! Paint area at Home Depot.  We used two thick and generous coats on this baby.  When I say thick I mean thick!!!


We let it finish drying overnight and it was ready to go first thing!  Since it’s Travis’ dresser I let him choose whether to keep the original handles or get new.  Being old fashioned he chose to keep the old ones.  Before the handles went back on I took the power sander and sanded all of the risen edges to give it the official “antiqued” stamp of approval.  Here is the finished product!


So that’s it!  A quick tip on a faster end product would be to use spray paint and a top coat.  You’ll have a new sparkly dresser in an hour max!  We personally like the thick brush lines you get with canned paint!  Happy painted!


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