The Corn Jungle And Backyard Shopping?!


How’s that for something to grab your attention?  It’s true!  I was content staying embedded in my couch until bedtime watching TV and movies all day but finally got motivated enough to do just a few things around the house.  Trav and I headed over to Through The Garden Gate just to see if anything caught our eyes and then to be fair I went to Bass Pro.

Somehow all of this lead to”Let’s go out to the woods and find stuff”,  which I was not completely sold on.  My thoughts are if it’s in the woods it’s going to be rotten and a waste of ticks and potential snake scares.  Not so much.  There were some excellent surprises in store at 7pm on a Sunday in the middle of a giant corn field at the edge of the woods.  First, well come on, I was walking through a corn field next to the woods.  I mean it!  Through a corn field not around.  Shocking!  It shocked Travis that’s for sure.  I try to keep a few surprises up my sleeve!



This was the entrance of the “corn jungle” .  I made sure I had my trusty galoshes on before we headed out.  Nothing screams hardcore naturist like hot pink galoshes!  I always knew this place was in my “backyard” but hey it’s not like I’m going out there to explore only or really even think there’s anything to explore.  It was actually a lot closer then I thought because all of a sudden I looked up from my crouched position of ducking corn stalks to see this dead ahead.



At my first look through the entrance I did not expect anything I was about to see.  I thought it was just some barn falling to pieces with crazy plant and animal life inside.  It was insane!  This place had the coolest old treasures! 


There are old doors, windows, baskets, desks, liquor bottles, chairs, and ladders!  There was more than that but I was mesmerized to say the least!  My only concern was that then middle really was falling apart … the roof is caved in with a bunch of Jurassic Park like growth.


I actually wasn’t scared the whole time which is a big thing.  I’m pretty much scared of everything but really I just wanted to go through this place.  Travis had to make sure I didn’t kill myself by falling through a floor.  I did stress him out a bit because ever two seconds I found something else I loved and made crazy “OMGS!” and “OOOHHHHH!!!” He thought I had had a run in with an unwanted visitor.



Then, we walked around behind the barn and much to my surprise there was a whole other section with more stuff!




I was so pumped after this trip that I can hardly wait for next weekend!  Here are some pictures of the adventure!  I can’ wait until I bring my new treasures home!





After all of these wonderful adventures this weekend, my new lesson to self and even for you is take time to enjoy life and explore because really you never know what you’ll find!



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