Wonderfully Old = A New Adventure!

Well the weekend may be over but it was fun while it lasted!  I had no plans other than fight night at BW3’s until my weekend turned into quite an adventure.  There were places visited just around my neighborhood that I have never stopped at, old men giving advice on lasting marriage (good stuff!), running through corn fields, and sifting through a dilapidated barn … in my backyard!  Who knew?! 

Saturday was de-lectable!  Waffles, fresh berries, and whipped cream!  H-E-A-V-E-N!  Mom and I traveled around my neck of the woods for some antiquing adventures only to find some pretty amazing things!


I’m enjoying some of life’s classic elements of photography!  There is a little old country store just down the road that was packed…and I mean packed with floor-to-ceiling paraphernalia.  Just about every piece of cool nostalgia lives here.  You name it they had it.  Incredible handmade doll houses, class board games, old farm equipment, tin bath tubs, scales … I could go on! 



Like I said floor-to-ceiling!  When we were leaving we noticed that the memoribilia lead down to a fence only to find the fence was housing a magically oasis!  Never in a billion years did I expect that I’d find an emu, an ostrich, ponies, donkeys and ducks.  It was like a peaceful little glen off of a major highway!




Then we headed back towards home but first we stopped off at Two Frogs On A Bike.  A place I’ve always wanted to check out but you know just never have.  So the place has this adorable rustic charm to it.  You can help be feel all cozy inside and suddenly have a craving for some serious southern food (fried chicken and mac’n cheese anyone?!)


Now, my mother is a woman that’s known to make a fast friend.  The minute we got out of the truck she decides to run directly to the back of the store only to find the owner feeding a small herd of cats.  Well, turns out the owner Bob is a man that makes fast friends too.  We like that.  This is the kind of guy you want to take to the nearest deck and plop down and chat for a few hours about nothing with a cold beer.  He was the best thing happening to this place.  Not much happening in the inside except ol’ Bob.  He did give one excellent piece of marriage advice ladies … totally geared to the men “When she asks you to do something, DO IT NOW!”  I love it!


So next time you’re traveling my neck of the woods, stop and smell the


explore (you never know what type of wildlife … or pets you’ll find), and say hello to Bob.  He’ll be waiting with a story.



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