Quick Dose Of Color

Back to the real world today…yuck.  I would kill for a steaming cup of coffee right about now!  I hope that everyone had a great weekend!  Our weekend was relatively productive we moved things around and skipped some items but all in all it was very relaxing.  The weekend before we went to HD (Home Depot) and I just had to have a Gerbera Daisy because they were too pretty to pass up.  Mind you I have the biggest brown thumb in these parts so buying this flower was a temporary thing in my head.  I mean I will try my best not to kill it but I’m still concerned.  I’ve just recently become more interested in plants and such.  I’ve got one house plant because after reading about sick building sick house stuff it’s pretty much your job to go buy at least one house plant!  Any who Trav decided that he’d get me to plant some flowers.  This is a big thing for me A) Because of the brown thumb and B) I don’t own this house.  It’s a big deal for me to do anything to a house that’s not MINE!  I agreed because I think it’s good for me.  Especially when I pull in the driveway at night and see these beautifully bursts of color scattered next to my house.


Not too much but just enough.  I am in love with the white ones.  No idea what they are but the bottoms of each petal are purply gray.  This was a super quick and enjoyable weekend project hell I’ll even say week night project if you’re an avid gardener.


The before … our blank space that Travis is raking up.  It’s incredible what you can do.


The after… ok so it’s not some insanely manicured flower bed but that’s why I like it so much it’s unique.  Something different because I don’t tend to care for the norm.


Travis found this cool wooden planter in the woods behind our house and I loved it!


These are my favorite! 





Ok so obviously I am a big fan of the Gerbera daisies but when I saw these I just had to have them!  The color is phenomenal.  BTW if you haven’t already guessed pink and orange are our favorite colors!



I’m thrilled with our quick little dose of color and it was cheap too!  We spent about $28 at HD.  That’s including my claw digger too!  If I didn’t kill anything so far I think everyone should give gardening a shot!  Happy Digging!


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2 responses to “Quick Dose Of Color

  • Sara

    I’ve been looking at those daisies everytime I’m at Home Depot, I just haven’t figured out where to put them. Yours look so bright and cheerful.

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