Working With Richmond Ghosts

Now normally I’m one to get a bit wigged out when it comes to paranormal activities however; I’ve not had any odd feelings when I comes down to historic downtown Richmond. Maybe it’s because I’m not a sensitive to it as others or maybe it’s the fact that I’m not at these places in the dark of night (by myself) but whatever the case may be I’m becoming more intrigued with the history that lies in the streets and walls throughout Richmond. For a while my sister was into ghost hunting around town and would tell her stories but I just never had the guts to tag along. In mass groups of friends you ALWAYS hear things. I’ve had my fair share of unexplainable experiences which to this day are unnerving but I am more curious now in my old (jk) age. I’ve been hearing all kinds of people talk about a few buildings in particular in Richmond. The Presidential Court Club off of Franklin St., Grace Street Hospital, and a few others I can’t remember. Now I’ve got this itch to know more and I just can se to find any of this history or stories on the internet. I don’t want to go through with the whole Haunts of RVA tour but I do want to know more and as of now all I have is the stories of unexplained sightings, sounds, and what the buildings once stood for. Being that Grace Hospital is known just as a hospital is fine but I now know it as the insane asylum from 25-26 years ago. Ever year I learn a bit more about this city and everything that is still standing here is being gutted and turned into a store or business of some sort which is great but I think it would be great business to keep the stories alive. I’m hoping that I will meet someone that knows more about these downtown hot spots so I guess we shall see what comes of it. It sure does make you WONDER …



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