Sweet Goodbyes

I raise this hypothetical glass in toast of things leaving and new things to come. This goes out to all the ladies that have ridden their lives of “that ol’ truck”! You know the one your man just can seem to let go of. Thankfully this one has some fond memories tuck in its seat cushions. I personally said my parting words with a last and very brief yet loud ride forwards and backwards in our driveway. Right next to Trav he wanted to have on last ride in the loudest Ford I’ve heard to date. Goodbye flame thrower you’ll make your new owner proud!Flame Thrower


About Lindsey

Living & loving life with my amazing family and friends. A passion for interior design & decorating. A collector of vintage gems. A do-er of antique furniture face-lifts. An obession with letterpress & typography. View all posts by Lindsey

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